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The vision of The DAX Foundation is to fill all the hallways in high schools, elementary schools, middle schools and daycares all over the country with HOPE!

HOPE Week is a week long fundraiser that takes place in our schools and consists of fun activities every day. This was started by Eureka High School Student Council. HOPE Week and was originally created to help the Locke’s reach their goal of raising $1.6 million dollars, the daily operating cost of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, in honor of Dax Locke.  Because the foundation's first goal has been reached, HOPE Week is aiding the foundation in fulfilling their many other financial responsibilities through the misssion of helping the children and families of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and other families in need.  



HOPE Week Donations 

“This week is so much more than just raising money for The Dax Foundation –many  life lessons are learned about helping people, giving back to your community, about working together for something bigger than yourself and coming together for one common goal” says Brown.

Just to give you an example of an activity that takes place during the week- we dress up each day in a color that represents a specific cancer:

  • Monday: Pink for Breast Cancer
  • Tuesday: Blue for Colon Cancer
  • Wednesday: Gold for Childhood Cancer
  • Thursday: Purple for All Cancers
  • Friday: Orange for Leukemia and Dax

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NEW HOPE Week Activity Suggestions 

When a student dresses up during the day in these colors they receive a letter with the corresponding color (Monday pink “H” and so on) and at the end of the week our students have “HOPE + Dax’s handprint” going down their lockers! It is so inspiring and neat to see! If the student does not dress up one of the days they can buy a letter which is another way we raise $$$. This week not only raises awareness to leukemia and Dax but is structured to touch everyone by bringing awareness to all different cancers. Other activities include coin wars between classes, bake sales, dodge ball tournaments, hat days, funky sock days, Walk-a-Thons and Read-a-Thons!

We are encouraging you all to create your own HOPE Week in your school by Contacting Us or contact Stephanie Brown at 765-744-9844 or email her at: stephanie@daxfoundation.com .    

Thanks for helping us spread HOPE!  

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